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SAS System
Open Farm building

SAS System Dairy is an innovative and sustainable agricultural project in the United Kingdom that goes beyond the daily production of livestock products.


From an architectural perspective, the most attractive element of this project is the design of a large building called the ‘Open Farm’, which will have many different uses.

The ground floor consists of a restaurant and offices, whilst the upper floor will be used as an information space and gallery for guided tours. This floor will also have a connecting platform that leads directly to the main production facilities. The design will feature large open spaces and an architectural style that corresponds to the area’s rural landscape, whilst also giving the building a contemporary look.


Purple & Mango

A conceptual design for a new café and ice-cream parlour located in the Selfridges department store in London.

The aim is to design a space that complements the department store in which it is located. The final design maximises the available space, respects the natural layout and existing circulation spaces in the department store and covers all of the client’s requirements for this project.


Carshalton Road,
Thornbury, UK

Renovation and extension of a 4-bedroom property located on Carshalton Road, Sutton.


The design focuses on building a new main room that contains a living room, kitchen and dining room by way of a rear ground floor extension. There are also plans for a loft conversion to create a bedroom with an en suite bathroom.

For the ground floor extension, the plan is to have large sliding doors and sunroofs strategically placed to bring a modern style to the extension. The terrace and garden will also been reconfigured to incorporate them into the new ground floor layout.

The new loft bedroom will feature two contemporary style dormers with glass doors and Juliet balconies. The en suite bathroom will have a modern and functional design, as well as a state-of-the-art shower that brings an ultramodern and attractive edge to the space.


Buttercup Road,
Thornbury, UK

Rear extension and ground floor renovation of a 4-bedroom property located on Buttercup Road, Thornbury.

The aim of this project is to improve the circulation between the spaces and to bring more light into the property, as well as to add modernity and design. The plans include a new living-dining room with a sunroof, plus large sliding glass doors that lead out on to the patio area. The garden will also be redesigned to adapt it to the new ground floor layout.

Finally, a flat roof with a large overhang around each edge was chosen to cover the extension. This will also feature a green roof, which is equipped with a coupling system that makes installation easy and requires minimum maintenance.

The project design was undertaken and led by Room Studio, with our assistance in producing the planning drawings, building plans and construction details, as well as a variety of 3D images of the final design.